среда, 23 декабря 2015 г.

The new address for my blog


I am glad to share with you the good news. Both of my blogs (in Russian and English) have been living now at a new address. My web site is www.keyhey.com

There you can find an information which you are looking for on the categories and tags. Currently all my posts I publish on the website only.

I would be grateful to your comments and feedback about my first website! Thank you!

Photo by Jane ILI

среда, 14 октября 2015 г.

Five Reasons Why I'm Joyful

Whew..! Today is the first day following the three days in Bangkok at Asia Fitness Conference and Expo 2015.

My iPhone is filled with new sports photos and videos that I'd watch again and again. Several dozen new people show up in my Facebook friends feed. My muscles are aching after hours of physical activity, and my head is overflowing with information, as well as my heart is full of joy and gratitude. This makes life worth living.

Ten different classrooms, three of which held a few hundred people, 2,000 participants from 30 countries, dozens of fitness celebrities and coaches (mainly from Canada and the U.S.), 60 various sessions daily. This is how big the event was. Thirty-minute breaks between sessions passed as if they were just five minutes: ask the coach some questions, take some photos, talk to the old and new friends, check out new equipment, eat an apple or banana, and remember what session is up next. This makes it worth to learn and know English.

The feeling that I'm in the right place, doing what I truly love, didn't leave me for all three days. During this time in Bangkok, the only places I've visited were the airport, the hotel, and that building where AFC2015 was held. And only on the last evening I visited a Japanese cafe. This makes it worth to do things you love.

There are the list of my classes: fitness dance, plyometric jumps, crazy core, boot camp workouts, Power Plate & ViPR, TRX dance, TRX Mobility, TRX Partner Fusion, headstands, kettlebells, vocal athlete, coaching, Latin dance, Bulgarian bag workout, yoga flow with African music and moves. And I must have a Thai massage with a huge layer of warming ointment on the last day. This makes it worth to train your body.

As always, the best things about all this were the people. The people who are open, kind, intelligent, and full of joy doing their thing. Each one of more than two thousand was ready to chat. It was safe and easy to leave your backpack near the wall in a large room and enjoy your workout! This makes it worth to trust the Universe.

Learning from this experience is up next. Dealing with theses, handouts and exercises. Understanding why, with whom, and how to use them. I promise that in November, I will finish preparing a program of mix training, which will include the best of what I've learned during this weekend.